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Ultima 20 Complete "2.1-Set" (2017)

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Color: Black

ULTIMA 20 Kombo

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Ultima 20 Kombo (2019) - black - Set


Ultima 20 Complete - Set - Black

Why we love this product

The Ultima 20 Complete is perfect for those who want an out-of-the-box stereo solution that doesn’t require a lot of space. Two Ultima 20 bookshelf speakers deliver uncompromising hi-fi playback supported in the low end by an easily placed wireless subwoofer. The CoreStation Compact unifies the ensemble. It fires the stereo speakers to high levels and transmits the subwoofer signal wirelessly.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Plug-and-play 2.1 with the Ultima 20 Mk2 hi-fi bookshelf speakers
  • A system for powerful & detailed playback with music, movies and games
  • Compact fanless 2.1 stereo receiver can be mounted directly behind a television or furniture
  • Comes with handy Puck remote for regulating volume settings and moving between sound sources
  • Includes HDMI ARC & RCA input, can be controlled via standard TV remote thanks to HDMI CEC
  • Wireless, space-saving downfire subwoofer has the largest woofer in this price class
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X codec makes it possible to stream music in CD quality
  • Comes with loudspeaker cable (15 m) and HDMI cable (1.5)<br />

Suitable for the transmission of images (including 3D) and sound (including HD) between devices such as Blu-ray players, TVs, AV receivers and soundbars.

The HDMI version 1.4 supports the following features / uses:

8 Channel LPCM (192 kHz, 24 Bit)
Blu-ray and HD DVD Video with maximum resolution
DVD audio
Super Audio CD
Auto lip sync
Dolby TrueHD Bitstream
DTS-HD Master Audio
Ethernet Channel
4K resolution

Optimal connectivity
Robust gold-plated jacks facilitate a secure, distortion-free connection.

OFC Copper
The HDMI copper cable is made from oxygen-free copper with 99.99% purity so that oxidation will not in any way weaken the cable or hinder its transmission abilities. Copper with a high degree of purity is treated in special process in order to create a robust cable capable of transmitting transparent sound free form colouration.

Robust jacket

The extremely robust yet flexible outer jacket protects the high-quality cable inside.

One cable plus cable ties are included in separate packaging.

A Teufel cable with a 1.0 mm² cross sectional area is recommend for multimedia systems and less expensive home cinema systems where only short distances need to be covered.

CCA Wires

The wires within this cable are made from copper-clad aluminium. CCA cables have the same electric conductivity as full copper wires but weigh less, making them easier to work with.

More wire strands per cable

The loudspeaker cable contains an especially high number of strands for extra flexibility and conductivity.

Robust jacket

The extremely robust yet flexible outer jacket protects the high-quality cable inside. The positive pole is indicated.


The loudspeaker cables can be connected directly to the amplifier/loudspeaker or by means of a banana plug.


One loudspeaker cable plus cable ties with Velcro is delivered in separate packaging.

Teufel bass: Powerful, punchy and stylishly packaged

This subwoofer is the worthy companion of the speakers. It’s compact, easy-placed form belies truly astonishing power. Equipped with two bass reflex vents, the sub delivers a respectable 43 Hz low end (-3 dB). 106 dB maximum sound pressure levels pushes the bass into the room with plenty of grip and power.

The subwoofer is equipped with an automatic on/off switch as well as volume and phase regulators. This makes it possible to adjust the sound to suit one’s room and personal tastes. Rubberized feet are naturally included.

Heimkino Microlautsprecher Consono 25 Mk3 SW Subwoofer Schwarz Rückseite

Premium speakers

Quality you can trust: The Ultima 20 are among the best bookshelf speakers in their price class. Our developers in Berlin made sure this stereo pair has the best-possible sound thanks to the following:

  • Large 25 mm tweeters for a silky, soft treble
  • Large 165 mm midrange drivers with phase plug produce balanced, evenly dispersed sound
  • Trumpet bass reflex vents eliminate wind noise and chuffing for deep, clean bass
  • Klippel-optimized drivers ensure an incredibly balanced frequency response

Each driver has been optimized by first-class Klippel technology – a first for speakers in this price class. This precision calibration technology allows the Ultima 20 to produce linear and balanced playback. Bass reflex ports with trumpet vents enhance the bass without wind noise. Well-braced wooden enclosures minimize vibrations resulting in a very clean sound.

Established, universal, timeless

The Ultima 20 Mk2 scores points on style with harmoniously rounded edges, compact dimensions, and cleverly accented drivers – a self-confident look sure to enhance any interior. The speakers can be seamlessly integrated into any home, fitting easily on either a shelf, wall, or floor stand.

A power house for smaller systems

The CoreStation Compact is among the smallest and most unobtrusive 2.1 stereo receivers on the market today. The little system requires no more space than a sheet of paper.

Sufficient power for shelf and small floor-standing speakers

The CoreStation Compact delivers 2 x 40 watts RMS from a highly efficient and extremely low noise class D amplifier from Texas Instruments. Fill rooms up to 25 m² with high, distortion-free levels.

Fits behind the TV set

An included sturdy steel TV mount makes it possible to attach the little CoreStation Compact behind your television. You can even place the CoreStation in a drawer – it will still react to commands from your remote.

The completely passive construction uses no fans for noiseless and trouble-free operation.

CoreStation Compact - LP - Fernseher Haltung

No fan - no operating noise

The completely passive, fanless construction on a solid aluminium base guarantees silent and maintenance-free operation.

Works with wireless subwoofers

The CoreStation Compact has an integrated wireless module. This makes it possible to communicate with a wireless subwoofer such as the T 4000 or any standard sub equipped with Teufel’s Subwoofer Wireless Receiver. The signal will be sent wirelessly, losslessly and without discernible latency.

Bluetooth 4.0

The CoreStation Compact uses Bluetooth with the sophisticated aptX codec. This makes it possible to stream music via Bluetooth in a sound quality that cannot be distinguished from a cabled source. Simply activate Bluetooth on the system and the CoreStation will transmit all the audio from your mobile device to your speakers. Enjoy music from Spotify, YouTube and iTunes as well as audio from Facebook, apps and games in pristine sound quality.

Flexible controls

The CoreSation Compact can controlled in a number of different ways. Use the Puck Remote, your own TV remote or the controls on the device itself. The eco-friendly little system automatically shuts itself off after 20 minutes with no in-coming signal.

Flexible playback options

The CoreStation Compact offers an HDMI input and an analog RCA input. Any additional HDMI devices can be connected directly to your television. The sound from these devices will pass from the HDMI cable to the CoreStation Compact. Outputs include a high level connection as well as a subwoofer RCA connection for running 2.1 speaker systems.

CoreStation Compact - Anschlüsse

Remote control

The Teufel Puck Control remote control offers convenient control options for volume, source selection, muting and switching on and off. Thanks to its robust design and rubberised surface, it has great grip and won't roll off the table. 2 AA batteries are included.
Bluetooth Fernbedienung Puck Control Aufstellungsmöglichkeit
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Ultima 20 Mk2 - Front Angled Nocover

Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2

Hi-fi bookshelf speaker with two-way construction in a bass reflex enclosure. Excellent bass playback, neutral mids and detailed highs thanks to the 165 mm midbass driver with phase plug along with a 25 mm tweeter. The Ultima 20 MK 2 has a performance capacity of 80 watts with distortion-free playback in rooms up to 25 m².

  • Description Item
    Width 21.5 cm
    Height 33.5 cm
    Depth 24 cm
    Weight 6 kg
  • Description Item
    Terminal clamps Gold-plated screw terminals
    Minimum amplifier output power recommended 30 W
  • Description Item
    Suitable for AV receiver Yes
    Banana plug compatible Yes
    Maximum cable diameter 4 mm
    Equalization port (position) back
    Equalization port 1
    Diameter of the stand screw threads 6 mm
    Removable front cover Yes
    Cabinet material MDF
    Cabinet surface Laminated
    Net internal volume 10 L
    Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
    Tweeter (diameter) 25 mm
    Tweeter (material) Fabric
    Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 1
    Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 165 mm
    Bass/Midrange driver (material) Kevlar/ fibreglass
    Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 50 W
    Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 84 dB
    Frequency range 70 - 20000 Hz
    Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 80 W
    Maximum sound pressure level 104 dB/1m
    Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
    Crossover frequency to Woofer (recommended) 80 Hz
    Acoustic principle 2-way-system
    Enclosure type Bass reflex
    Crossover frequency internal switch 2600 Hz
Consono 25 Mk3 - US 2106/1 SW black front angled

Mono-Subwoofer US 2106/1 SW

The subwoofer US 2106/1 SW knows how to makes its present felt, but it can also show amazing restraint and blend into a supporting role. A 43 Hz low end frequency limit (-3 dB) and a maximum sound level of 106 dB creates an impressive bass experience, yet the enclosure takes up only a small amount of floor space  - just 28 x 28 cm.

  • Description Item
    Width 28 cm
    Height 38.5 cm
    Depth 28 cm
    Weight 7.8 kg
  • Description Item
    Cinch input 1
  • Description Item
    Power supply voltage 230 V
    Automatic on/off Yes
    Maximum power consumption 100 W
    Fixed AC power cable Yes
    Safety class 2
    Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
    Standby-Function Yes
    Standby-Power consumption 0.4 W
    Bass boost/EQ Yes
    Input gain adjustment Yes
    Level control Yes
    Phase control Yes
    Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Bass 80 W
    Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 100 W
    Amplifier configuration 1.0
    Amplifier technology Class D
    Amplifier channels 1
  • Description Item
    Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 43 Hz
    Suitable for AV receiver Yes
    Equalization port (position) Bottom
    Equalization port 2
    Down-firing Yes
    Diameter of the stand screw threads 6 mm
    Removable front cover Yes
    Cabinet material MDF
    Cabinet surface Laminated
    Integrated stand Yes
    Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
    Woofer (diameter) 160 mm
    Woofer (material) cellulose
    Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 89 dB
    Frequency range 43 - 200 Hz
    Maximum sound pressure level 106 dB/1m
    Impedance 4 - 8 Ohm
    Acoustic principle 1-way-system
    Enclosure type Bass reflex
Lautsprecherkabel C1015S - Rolle

15 m Speaker Cable 1.0mm² - C1015S

  • Description Item
    Cross-section 1 mm²
    Cable length 15 m
CoreStation Compact - Set

CoreStation Compact

Ultra compact 2.1 receiver with high-end electronics.

  • Description Item
    Width 18.5 cm
    Height 3.7 cm
    Depth 17.4 cm
    Weight 0.75 kg
  • Description Item
    Bass driver output 1
    Cinch input stereo 1
    Terminal clamps Loudspeaker terminals
    Bluetooth Yes
    Bluetooth aptX Yes
    Video inputs- HDMI 1
    High level speaker outputs 1
    HDMI Version 1.4a
  • Description Item
    Integrated DSP Yes
    Automatic on/off Yes
    Maximum power consumption 90 W
    Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
    Standby-Function Yes
    Standby-Power consumption 0.4 W
    Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 45 W
    Amplifier configuration 2.1
    Amplifier technology Class D
    Amplifier channels 2
    Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 40 W
    Performance measured by 4 Ohm
  • Description Item
    Maximum cable diameter 1.5 mm



Included components

Ultima 20 Complete "2.1-Set" (2017)
  • 1 × Pair Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2 – Black
    • 2 × Shelf Speaker UL 20 Mk2 – Black
  • 1 × Mono-Subwoofer US 2106/1 SW – Black
  • 1 × 15 m Speaker Cable 1.0mm² - C1015S – Black
  • 1 × HDMI-Cable 1.4 1.5m - C1515V – Black
  • 1 × Sub Connect RX – Black
    • 1 × Mono-Cinch-Cable 0.5m - C3005A – Black
    • 1 × power adapter – Black
  • 1 × CoreStation Compact – Black
    • 2 × VESA Mounting Brackets for CoreStation Compact
    • 1 × Power adapter for CoreStation Compact
    • 1 × Puck Wireless Remote Control – black - red