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Go like a pro

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Why we love this product

The MOVE PRO is the flagship model in Teufel’s MOVE series: Robust in-ear headphones for active lifestyles. The PRO edition offers an even better sound for those who want to enjoy a hi-fi listening experience on the go.

Key advantages at a glance

  • In-ear headphones with in-line remote and handsfree function
  • Neodymium magnets produce natural, hi-fi sound with a mighty bass foundation
  • Well insolated against outside noise for uninterrupted listening in even loud environments
  • Soft, exchangeable ear pieces made from medical-grade silicone ensure an optimal fit
  • Suitable for smartphones with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems
  • Made from solid aluminium for a high-end look and great durability
  • Travel case, selection of ear pieces included with delivery
  • Enjoy clear & powerful playback from all source devices
(4.57 of 5 out of 493)
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Professional-grade sound quality

The MOVE PRO is the newest member of Teufel’s MOVE series of robust in-ear headphones for active lifestyles. The PRO edition offers even better sound for those who want to enjoy a hi-fi listening experience on the go.

The MOVE PRO fulfils every sonic requirement of the most demanding listeners:

  • Ultra-light HD driver membranes guarantee excellent speech intelligibility, impulse fidelity and faithfully reproduce even the smallest details
  • Natural, balanced playback with clean mids and detailed treble that is never aggressive or shrill
  • Deep, clean bass that integrates well with the treble and midrange
  • The precisely tuned drivers create a realistic soundstage with excellent tonal differentiation and the precise positioning of all instruments
  • Uniquely formed chambers minimize reflections, the rounded corners ensure excellent wearing comfort

In-line remote and headset function

Skip between tracks while your smartphone stays in your pocket. The handy in-line remote makes it easy to control all essential playback functions. Pause or stop playback, skip to the next or previous track and accept calls – all basic actions can be accomplished without unlocking your smartphone screen. The in-line remote works with Android and iOS smartphones.

You won’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket to accept calls. The integrated microphone is perfectly placed to pick up everything you say.

MOVE PRO Kopfhörer Inear
Kopfhörer Inear Fernbedienung

Pulls power from every device

Highly efficient neodymium magnets with low impedance compensate for weak headphone outputs on certain devices resulting in consistent hi-fi playback. Attenuated bass or lagging volume levels are not problems you’ll experience with the MOVE PRO.

Practical & durable

The strong cable with kink protection together with solid aluminium enclosures make it possible to take your high-end sound anywhere. A special cable cover featuring a flexible weave prevents the formation of knots and tangles.

null Inear

Extensive accessories

The MOVE PRO comes with a practical travel case, a silicone form for stowing the cable and three pairs of ear pieces for the best possible fit and noise suppression. A clip for fastening the cable to a shirt or jacket is also included.

MOVE PRO - Zubehör
Inear Kopfhörer MOVE PRO - Case

Included components

  • 1× Clip
  • 1× Cleaning cloth
  • 1× Cleaning and transportation tube for MOVE PRO
  • 2× Silicone earpieces (L)
  • 2× Silicone earpieces (M)
  • 1× travel case
  • 2× Silicone earpieces (S)
  • 1× Cable spool for MOVE PRO
  • 2× Silicone earpieces (XS)
  • 1× MOVE PRO
Kopfhörer MOVE PRO Inear


  • MOVE PRO - Set


    Premium in-ear headphones with in-line remote and handsfree function.

    • Description Item
      Width 1.10 cm
      Weight 16 g
      Height 1.10 cm
      Depth 2.10 cm
    • Description Item
      Android Yes
      iOS Yes
    • Description Item
      Cable length 1,25 m
      Miscellaneous Anschluss: 3,5 mm Stereo-Miniklinke
    • Description Item
      Frequency range from/to 20-20000 Hz
      Impedance 16 Ohm
      Miscellaneous Magnet: Neodymium
    • Description Item
      Speakerphone function Yes

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.57 of 5 out of 493)
Awesome headphones
While more and more Bluetooth headphones are being used, these wired in-ears have many advantages. The sound is unique for on the go and the cable is absolutely not distracting.Even the case in which the headphones are stored indicates a high quality.As in-ears I only use the Move Pro.
Good headphones
The Teufel Move Pro came as a free addition with the order of another product (Theater 500S). I must honestly say that I would probably never have spent so much money on in-ear headphones. Simply because I rarely listen to music on the go. So far, I have always used the headphones that come with my smartphone. Of course, the workmanship and quality are not comparable, they are two worlds apart. I was also more than pleasantly surprised by the sound of the Teufel Move Pro. A much richer bass foundation, perhaps even a little too obtrusive in places. The accessories are quite extensive and with the four different sizes of silicone ear adapters, there should be a suitable size for everyone. The wrap-around aid and the transport case are really practical if you don't use the headphones every day and can protect them from getting dusty.All in all, good headphones, but with a, for me, not so good price-performance ratio. But that's always relative and everyone has to decide for themselves.
More than just an addition
I received the headphones with the sale as an "insert". Tried them out straight away and immediately got rid of my old ones. Super. It made me wonder why this great product is being given away. It's so good, you should charge money for it 😉!
Stay still Pro would have been a better name, unfortunately
In-ears were supplied free of charge with my Ultima 40, so I'll be a little less critical and not rate the incorrect labelling (L L) of the buds. Positive: - Very clear sound - Volume levels against any ear doctor's recommendation are possible - Good spatial hearingNegative:- When jogging, you have to be into wind noise.... I have never had such loud wind noise with in-ear headphones.Conclusion: I use the headphones for playing shooter games, as the spatial hearing is really excellent. Completely unsuitable for jogging.
These earphones were a free offer with the purchase of a speaker, which I naturally accepted.The sound quality is excellent, and thanks to the different sized "rubber plugs" supplied, they fit perfectly in each ear.
Comfortable, stylish and high-quality headphones
(automatically translated *)
Teufelishly good
A well-rounded package with plenty of useful accessories. The sound is great, but I would have expected a bit more.
(automatically translated *)
Strong sound
I've been lurking around these in-ears for a long time. Now that I have them, they have quickly taken a top spot in my collection from reputable manufacturers. Great sound for all genres of music. Complaining at a high level - I'm not a fan of booming bass, but rock music they could reproduce a bit more bass.
After getting these earbuds out of their extremely nice packaging (I felt like I was receiving a 🎁 present) I can only write about them in superlatives: great sound, lots of bass, nothing missing from the mid
Simply the best on the market
(automatically translated *)
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