Stand AC 3001 SP

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Stand AC 3001 SP

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Standfuß AC 3001 SP - Front Angled Small - Schwarz

Key advantages at a glance

  • <span class="xml-text">Stand for column and micro speakers</span>
  • Interchangeable brackets for various loudspeaker forms
  • <span class="xml-text">Loudspeaker cable can be stowed inside the stand</span>
  • Colour: Black
  • Packaging unit: 1<br />
  • <span class="xml-text">Material: Metal</span>
(3.92 of 5 out of 13)
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This stand brings columns and micro speakers to the ideal height for enjoying movies and music from a typical seated listening position. Tweeters will radiate sound at ear level for a more precise sound image and better realization of depth against the deeper tones.

The AC 3001 SP stand is made from solid aluminium tubes. Two aluminium tubes are included with delivery. The longer aluminium tube is for use with the larger column speakers, the shorter one for micro speakers. The speaker cable (up to 4 mm²) can be stowed inside the tube. The loudspeaker is screwed into place on a stable construction secured with a cast iron base which effectively suppresses vibrations.

The AC 3001 SP is the successor to the AC 341 SP and the AC 5001 SP. The price is for a single unit which is individually packaged for delivery.

Included components

  • 1× Stand AC 3001 SP


  • Standfuß AC 3001 SP - Front Angled Small - Schwarz

    Stand AC 3001 SP

    • Description Item
      Base plate - width 22.50 cm
      Base plate - length 22.50 cm
      Total height 109.00 cm
      Max. load bearing capacity 5.00 kg

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(3.92 of 5 out of 13)
Addition to Cubycon
Very good addition to Cubycon, visually appealing and well thought-out
(automatically translated *)
Great quality, unfortunately not completely thought through
Teufelo, it's the pros: the speaker stands are really very well made. The foot is super stable and insulated. It is a simple construction of square tubes, which can be inserted into each other and thus adjust the height. Cable routing super easy for 4m2 even with banana plug possible. Now the??? - why this tripod system? Yes Tripod does not shake - yes with something round but not with a square. When I come to a corner where the Nupsi is in the middle, the whole stand comes towards me. To the all-clear he does not tip over completely - but he wobbles quite beautifully back and forth. Cable routing supi but the banana plugs do not fit past the upper end cap - so cap off. Also unnecessary if the respective drillings at box as well as stand would be somewhat shifted ( cubycon ) perhaps only here the problem. We kept the stands because they are really the only stands in this style where a 4m2 cable fits. Dear Teufel team maybe you'll be able to eradicate these little blemishes, then the speaker stands are perfect. LG
Stand AC 3001 SP
Pros: Simple assembly Heavy/Stable foot foundation Good workmanship Con: Threading the cable is a bit cumbersome (if the cable is just enough!!) Threaded pin for CS 35 FCR Mk3 loudspeaker somewhat short but still holds Conclusion: Top product Simple design I am generally very satisfied with the product.
All top 1
Everything is fine. despite wrong delivery, customer service has taken care of everything to deliver the right goods on time. i am very satisfied with the goods from teufel. would shop at teufel again at any time. Greetings C.C
simple design
The stand has a simple design, is easy to assemble, fits various sized speakers and has a secure stand due to the large and heavy base plate.
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good quality
Just to build on what I didn't like that much is the price. I would have found 50€ ok. The one thing I don't like is that they are universal stands for several speaker types. Therefore a small minus point in the design
Robust and stylish
Not quite simple installation (cable routing and screwing). Robust and quite stable, yet graceful. Visually appealing. I have attached the System4 dipoles to it, although not intended for this purpose. Works great.
AC3001SP Stand
Teufelo, first of all I would like to say that I am once again enthusiastic about the service and the fast delivery from Teufel! The foot/feet 2 in my case look very stabiel from very chic/ elegant in black they fit behind my couch! -the construction is also very easy with 4-5 handles you already have your 7.1 system ready:) -I can only recommend the foot for the speakers if you don't want to screw extra brackets into the wall!
everything is fine
Very good quality and I am very satisfied with the feet. Also the settlement with Teufel is very good. Ordered one more foot, which I had to send back and after a short, very friendly phone call you get a mail with the pick-up modalities. As with all products from Teufel, I am very satisfied. Thank you very much and again.
Noble stand
Completely satisfied!
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