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Wireless Hi-Fi sound from Teufel

Wireless surround systems

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6 Products
6 Products

Tips & advice

Surround systems from Teufel create the real cinema sound in your home. Fully-packed sound for a great move, just like it should be. Save yourself the trouble with cables and get yourself a wireless speaker for house, and experience the new generation of sound. And to make sure you’re really getting the most of your system make sure to place the speakers behind you! Teufel’s loudspeakers provide distortion-free sound for a first-class sound.

How to find the listening sweet spot

To take full advantage of the surround speakers, there are a few tips for positioning the speakers. Professionals speak of the so-called sweet spot, which designates the ideal listening position. To find this sweet spot, your need to consider the distance between the speakers. Learn more about the sweet spot and how to find it!

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