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King of Rock

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Bluetooth null DJ

Why we love this product

The ROCKSTER is nothing less than the most powerful portable speaker in the world. Fill a football pitch with dangerously high sound levels for up to 20 hours on a single battery charge. When you need to rock more than the house, you need the ROCKSTER.

Bluetooth null DJ

Key advantages at a glance

  • Teufel's Bluetooth sound machine, louder and better than ever before
  • Powerful mobile event sound system with integrated long-life battery
  • New: Optimised sound dispersion, more balanced sound and higher levels of 122 dB over the previous ROCKSTER's 115 dB, longer battery life
  • 440 Watt Class-D and AB amplifiers with 380mm woofer + tweeter create clear, high levels with minimal energy use
  • 2 x Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® codec delivers CD-quality streaming from music services like Spotify
  • Integrated 2-channel DJ mixer with sound settings, crossfader and pre-listening function
  • 2 stereo inputs plus instrument, microphone, headphone and line outputs
  • Up to 20hr battery life, alternately runs on 12 V battery or 220 V mains power
(4.87 of 5 out of 146)
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The return of the King

The ROCKSTER predecessor was praised numerous times by the trade press and our customers. But we managed to make it even better. Here is an overview of the new improvements.

  • Optimised sound dispersion: the sound is now very precise even beyond the optimal listening position.
  • More balanced sound balance: more bass, more mid-tones, less peaked highs for more relaxed listening with better speech intelligibility. Even at low levels.
  • Higher maximum noise level of 121 dB instead of 115 dB.
  • Improved battery life of up to 20 hours instead of 8 hours.

ROCKSTER 2017 - black - Environment - Slider 03
ROCKSTER 2017 - black - Environment - Slider 04

    Sound matters

    The ROCKSTER actually belongs to the category of PA systems. But it doesn't sound like it. You won’t hear any harsh high-tones, washed out basses or inconsistent levels here. Because our developers in Berlin have not only created the ROCKSTER, but also many high-end loudspeakers such as Definion or Ultima.

    Large stroke of +/- 9.5 mm for low distortion in the frequency limit range
    Powerful high-frequency horn tweeter with professional sound reinforcement technology for high, distortion-free levels
    Wide emission angle ensures high speech intelligibility over a wide range
    Digital signal processor
    by Texas Instruments. Uses 24-bit and 48-kHz technology for a dynamic sound experience
    Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ
    380 mm deep tone plate with a light but stiff diaphragm for deep basses
    Powerful moving coil for high power capacity
    Neodymium drive for low total weight
    450-Watt Class-D amplifier for high, clear levels with low power consumption.

    I’m the DJ

    The ROCKSTER has an integrated 2-channel DJ mixer with 3-band tone control, crossfader, preview and source selection for each channel. Simply connect two smartphones or MP3 players and create cool mixes with great transitions. A sturdy, hinged lid protects the mixing console.

    Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ

    Range of connections

    You don't want it and your friends find it annoying. But if John wants to play his new song with guitar and microphone, he can do it. The ROCKSTER has inputs for guitar and microphone, even with reverb and limiter. Play it again, John.

    Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ

    Wireless sound at its best

    Our products guarantee a clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption. Ranges of over 10 metres can be achieved.

    Funktioniert für Systeme mit Android.

    Stream music, film sound or games from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC or Mac.
    Enjoy the best sound whatever way you like to.

    On the lips sound

    Video sound from e.g. YouTube or other apps and games is smooth and lip-synchronized.

    Bluetooth aptX

    Qualcomm aptX

    Bluetooth guarantees a wireless connection with minimal power consumption. Video sound is transmitted in-sync with on-screen images. The aptX codec offers almost CD quality. AptX does not currently work on iOS systems.

    Bluetooth battle

    The ROCKSTER has 2 Bluetooth inputs. So two people can connect wirelessly and fire out the songs they want to make a killer party playlist. Whilst one chooses, the other one can already play. The apt-X® codec ensures a wireless connection in CD quality up to 10m distance.

    Always powered up

    The ROCKSTER can be fired up in 3 different ways.

    • Integrated lead-fleece-battery (AGM), which allows up to 20 hours of operation and is leak-proof
    • 12V car battery
    • 230V power supply
    Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker Energie Baterie

    True stereo sound

    Connect two ROCKSTERs to make a stereo set for even more volume and real stereo sound. Works easily with a standard XLR cable.

    Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ Stereo

    Teufel ROCKSTER Bluetooth null DJ
    Solid steel grille

    Teufel Bluetooth null DJ
    Integrated, stable carry handle

    Teufel Bluetooth null DJ
    Four removable wheels

      Dieser für den ROCKSTER passende AGM-Akku ist eine besonders leistungsstarke Stromquelle, die deinen ROCKSTER stets mit Power versorgt. Ausgestattet mit einem Wechsel-Akku kann deine Party nun doppelt so lange gehen.

      Der Akku zeichnet sich durch eine hohe Lebensdauer aus und ist wartungsfrei.Eine schützende Glasfaservlies-Schicht verhindert, dass das Elektrolyt, eine spezielle Flüssigkeit im Akku, auslaufen könnte, egal was passiert.
      Eine Online-Anleitung zum Austausch oder Wechsel des Akku findest du hier: Guide

      Included components

      • 1× Rockster Akku
      • 1× Power cable
      • 1× wheel set for Rockster
      • 1× Rockster (pcs.)
      Bluetooth DJ ROCKSTER


      • ROCKSTER 2017 - Set

        Rockster (pcs.)

        • Description Item
          Width 58.00 cm
          Weight 31.50 kg
          Height 87.00 cm
          Depth 47.00 cm
        • Description Item
          Headphone output 3,5mm Yes
          XLR output 2
          AUX Yes
          Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
          Stereo jack 6.3mm - in 1
          Bluetooth aptX Yes
          Bluetooth 2 x 4.0 aptX-Codec
          Bluetooth Yes
          Miscellaneous USB charging function for smartphones, DJ-mixer console
        • Description Item
          Battery type AGM Vlies
          Power supply voltage 230 volts
          Automatic on/off Yes
          External battery connection Yes, for car batteries
          Mains cable - IEC connector (non-heating device) Yes
          Powerbank Yes
          Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
          DJ mixer Yes
          Total power output capacity (RMS) 440 Watt
          Amplifier configuration 1.1
          Amplifier technology Class-D
          Amplifier channels 2
          Complete sound system Yes
        • Description Item
          Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
          Enclosure type Bass reflex
          Enclosure material Plastic, MDF
          Enclosure surface Matte, lacquered
          Net internal volume 103 Litres
          Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
          Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
          Tweeter (material) Tweeter horn
          Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
          Woofer (diameter) 380.00 mm
          Woofer (material) Cellulose, coated
          Frequency range from/to 45 - 20000 Hz
          Maximum sound pressure level 121 dB/1m

      Expert reviews

      Product Ratings
      (4.87 of 5 out of 146)
      Top device with the possibility of small improvements
      I've been using the Rockster for a wide variety of occasions since the first version. Meanwhile my Teufel's family has grown and friends have also got themselves some, so that we have already sounded with several. Teufel did everything right with things like the XLR connector for stereo, a connector for an external battery and the replaceable internal battery. Defects to the first version, such as simply recessed roll holders, have already been remedied. Over time you'll notice little things that I think could make the Teufels better in the next version. For example, it would be nice if you could get better access to the internal 12A battery without having to open the four screw points. A click system for the scooters would also be nice. In addition, the Bluetooth range could be extended a little. Personally, I would like to have some more accessories. Here, for example, it would be helpful to have a holder for playback equipment, which could be screwed to the side - similar to a bottle opener. One could attach a stand for mobile phone, tablet, etc. to it. The DJ flap with rubber is ok, but would be expandable here. Personally I would like to have an external subwoofer - to give it a little more emphasis :-)
      A top product, there is nothing to complain about! 7
      (automatically translated *)
      The absolute hammer
      I now have 2 Rocksters and I am thrilled. I use the two for events up to 200 people and must say the performance is more than sufficient. 1 Rockster is already the hammer but 2 are almost already ill.
      (automatically translated *)
      The madness
      It's crazy what's come to me. Someday a second one will be added ! Sounds great even if you don't turn it on. Clean as a whistle!!! I'm thinking about putting this in my apartment and throwing out my old system (Bose). Maybe it is a bit oversized but the knowledge that you can use it to move the furniture is already awesome. Well thought out. All you need. Already the announcement that the part is on its way, with the hint "Enjoy the peace before the bass" :-))) I found already ingenious and was not disappointed. All thumbs up. Yours sincerely G.schiller
      can do everything from fine blade to wrecking ball ;-)
      Plays at room volume with amazing clarity and precision everything from the very high notes to the really "juicy" ones ;-) Basses. Even at the summer party in the park last weekend, nobody managed to turn the volume controls to maximum with a clear mind. As I said: anything from a fine blade to a wrecking ball :-) or else: Must (not only) have man(s)! :-)
      Everything Super
      (automatically translated *)
      The boss, no matter where
      No matter how, no matter where! No matter how loud or quiet it plays, no matter where you take it. Everyone else just turns white, he's tall, strong and impressive. 90s, Metal, Classic he just plays everything super, every now and then a little disadvantage about the mixer is normal. But the sound is just incredible. It is taken to Wacken so that no multi-part plant is needed anymore. It's all brought together in the smallest possible space. So far he has been 100% convinced, only the girlfriend said, is it also possible smaller? (That's what she says who wanted the "55" instead of the "50" TV because more is simply more)
      Super product
      Very fast delivery Super telephone advice Super product - just TOP -
      (automatically translated *)
      I got to know a friend and ordered it immediately. Great speaker, great sound, RAR can come! Too bad that there was no sticker for our rehearsal room. In any case I will recommend the speaker.
      (automatically translated *)
      Hammer Sound
      I am super enthusiastic about the box! I can only recommend it!
      (automatically translated *)
      * Automatically translated by DeepL