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Board & Assistance – management on eye level


Flat hierarchies, transparent communication and togetherness - this culture is promoted in particular by the board. Whether strategic business decisions, development plans or the planning of team events, this is where all the threads come together.

Karriere - Team - Assistenz - Claudia

"I appreciate the cooperation with colleagues from all departments, so I have a holistic view of all areas of the company, which I find particularly exciting."

Claudia, Assistant to the Management

"We all know how much energy is in the city of Berlin, how international the city is, what potential the city also holds, and that's exactly what you see with us."

Sascha, Chief Executive Officer

CSR - Sasha Mallah
Rob Peters

„In the beginning we were a typical German company based in Berlin, serving the German market, and now we have a company that serves many international markets.”

Rob, Chief Revenue Officer