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Our top  incentives

Teufel is through and through Berliner. With the exclusive incentives you can gift the unique sound and lifestyle from the city of Berlin. So you will always find the right note.

Teufel AIRY
Teufel AIRY weiß Kopfhoerer

BOOMSTER GO - blue - Set
BOOMSTER GO - red orange - Lifestyle 1

BOOMSTER Bluetooth
Teufel BOOMSTER Bluetooth DAB

Bluetooth Kopfhörer AIRY Teufel Aufstellungsmöglichkeit


Success with Teufel incentives

Co branding

We offer a diverse range of cooperation opportunities for potential partners. There's always room for great audio. That's lead to great cooperations with companies like St. Pauli, Red Bull and Maxdome.


      Different well-known brands have used Teufel products to help increase the buying incentive. Like competitions in shopping centres and stores.

        Why Teufel is the right choice for you.

        • Teufel Vorteile - Vorteil 2 Icon [SVG]
          You can only get Teufel at Teufel

          You want something special? Sound, that no other has? We develop and sell our products ourselves. We offer more features and more sound as any other product in the same price range because we don't have the costs of the middleman.

        • Easy delivery to your customers.

          When you wish, we can send our products directly to your customers. Meaning you can save on effort, time and avoid extra delivery costs.

        • Teufel Vorteile - Vorteil 4 Icon [SVG]
          No risk, more fun

          Teufel stands for quality, quality - and again quality! We always quality check our products meaning you only get the best products. We don't just devices for a quick music fix, we create lasting audio products for great sound for years to come.

        • Teufel Vorteile - Vorteil 3 Icon [SVG]
          We are your service

          There is no other customer service team like Teufel's. They are directly connected to our HQ in Berlin, well trained, and have the latest info surrounding products.

        • We are award winners!

          Wir We can say a lot about ourselves, but we're not just blowing hot air. We have won many customer awards and press awards!

        BOOMSTER Schwarz
        Brand of the Year

        Von den Lesern der Zeitschrift video wurde Teufel 2019 in den Kategorien Surround Sound Sets und High End Soundbars auf Platz 1 gewählt.

        Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Heimkino 5.1 Surround Mk3 null
        Goldenes Ohr 2019
        App Store Apple

        Die Ultima 40 erlangte den ersten Platz bei der Leserwahl der Zeitschrift Audio in der Kategorie Standboxen.